Beyond the mind

BTM-19 Mind Polarity [en]

Ch.19 Mind polarity Beyond the mind “The unconscious thought process creates polarity in the mind, preventing the self from understanding interdimensional reality. We experience the mind but do not connect with its supermental or creative level. We are unaware of its source and fight it throughout unconscious life.” BdM   The content of this page […]

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BTM-17 Sub-mental Symbolism [en]

Ch.17 Sub-mental symbolism Beyond the mind “The sub-mental nature of symbolism can be traced back to the dawn of civilization… It institutionalized emotions to a point where they have been associated with the fullness of life regardless of their creative or non-creative aspects, enslaving humanity under a karmic law neither understandable nor revokable.” BdM  

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BTM-15 Psychic Territory [en]

Ch.15 Psychic territory Beyond the mind “Once it has become aware of the mind territory, the ego gains access to its transpersonal dimensions. This enables it to dissociate personal reality from its subjective perceptions, increasing its telepathic communication with realms of intelligence that are the source of universal or cosmic thought systems.” BdM   The

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BTM-14 The ego [en]

Ch.14 The ego Beyond the mind “The development of the self and his maintenance in a state of permanent equilibrium, requires an ego free in mind which means in full control of the quality of its thoughts. When such control has been achieved, the ego becomes conscious of the self and benefits creatively from thought

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BTM-13 Ideas and the Mind [en]

Ch.13 Ideas and the mind Beyond the mind “Inspiration… is truly an interdimensional creative expression, though coloured by the psychic profile of the soul that conditions the telepathic connection with the etheric double or spirit force.” BdM   The content of this page was written in English by the BdM Intl Diffusion team. If you

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BTM-12 Parasites of the Mind [en]

Ch.12 Parasites of the mind Beyond the mind “We are usually unaware of mind parasites unless we have been versed in psychic sciences and related experiences… [Parasites] belong to the psychic world and are retarding factors in the evolution towards self-identity… They are responsible for its gradual deterioration throughout life and the disequilibrium of the

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BTM-11 Cults and Mind Control [en]

Ch.11 Cults and mind control Beyond the mind “Today religions are being displaced by a variety of new-breed cults that invade and disturb consciousness with powerful astral ideologies, and at times, questionable leadership that operates under the cover of inspiration… In many cases they weaken personal identity, sacrificing it to a collective form of knowledge

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BTM-10 Thought Pollution [en]

Ch.10 Thought pollution Beyond the mind “Thought pollution bridles consciousness to an extent so great as to make life on earth a living hell or an illusory paradise. It is coupled with the ego’s total impotency and contributes to the antagonisms of our civilization. It straight jackets behaviour through the dynamics of psychological patterns that

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