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Ch.15 Psychic territory

Beyond the mind

“Once it has become aware of the mind territory, the ego gains access to its transpersonal dimensions. This enables it to dissociate personal reality from its subjective perceptions, increasing its telepathic communication with realms of intelligence that are the source of universal or cosmic thought systems.” BdM


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The mind is a psychic territory that expands as we learn to deal with the forces that define its boundaries. Astral forces are concealed within our subjective and emotionally nurtured thought systems and feed unconscious values espoused by our immersion in an experiential rather than a creative civilization.

Their control increases with the inertia created by our emotional affinity with concepts that secure and maintain our fictitious identity. When the mind grows in consciousness, its involutionary notions change radically, leaving the ego to increasingly fend for itself.

The illusions of its astral support dwindle in the light of a new awareness. Its crystallized values gradually dissolve, compelling a more mature state of mind.

Maturity of the mind goes far beyond planetary experimental consciousness, gravitating psychically towards an integral system of telepathic communication with interdimensional planes that lead to conscious re-circuiting with universal intelligence.

The territory of the mind becomes a conscious fact of life when the ego begins to understand the difference between self-centeredness and psychic centricity.

This task is made difficult by the nature of unconsciousness, where parasitic elements in the mental vortex weaken the clarity of mind and decrease the capacity to see through the ambivalence of a thought system that has lost touch with psychic reality.

Culturally conditioned psychological values are false premises to the mind’s psychic dimension. They represent unconscious aspects of egoic mentality, and inhibit the psychic elements of thought that connect the ego to the real parameters of consciousness.

Psychic evolution is the next phase of the development of human intelligence. It will increase the ego’s consciousness of higher mental planes and reveal the forces that have retarded it in the past.

The territory of the mind must be made conscious if the self is to deal intelligently with the symbols of his culture, or those of other civilizations, encountered physically, astrally, or etherically.

Psychic territory must be understood in the same manner as physical space is. The mind has access to this comprehension provided there is sufficient inner strength to deal with the psychic elements that block its creative intelligence.

Myriads of sentiment from age old attachment to culture form a racial memory that smothers the ego enough to separate it from its own psychic territory. The territory of the mind should be as evident as that of dreams.

Whether reality is grasped through thoughts processing symbolic images in the dream state, or through the rational process of the awakened thought experience, consciousness should be maintained permanently in order to protect our minds from psychic interferences we wrongfully associate with personal intelligence.

Our ignorance of the psyche’s multidimensional nature creates its mystery. The ego can learn to deal with all aspects of self, providing it ceases to act like an ostrich.

A limited psychological approach to reality, on the basis of egocentric behaviour, undermines inner understanding by the intrusion of parasitic elements into the mind’s territory.

Dreams are evidence of the territorial reality of the mind. They are the foundation of thought systems that animate three dimensional thoughts into an astral life form or process whose purpose is the development of a greater psychic understanding of self.

Dreams are the astro-psychic counterpart to the thought system. They allow consciousness to deal with un-thought, or unwanted aspects of personal reality in a manner which does not threaten egoic perception, the foundation of lower consciousness.

The dream state is the other side of the self, whose inner symbolism puzzles the ego who cannot or has not integrated or brought within the field of conscious realization. People who refuse or bypass inner development for reasons of fear, limit themselves by failing to fully investigate the mind territory.

They live with in a reduced mind space wherein dreams are unfinished business. When misunderstood or overlooked, dreams are not put to rest. They remain alive in the unconscious mind in three dimensional thought forms and affect the daily thought process through their subliminal presence.

The mind is a communication network of different intelligence levels that meet, providing the ego has the resources to focus on the real aspects of self instead of the clichés supported by the subjective memory of the race.

Unconsciousness is the perpetual ignorance of this universal fact of life. Psychic territory becomes endless when the ego learns to assume its inner relationship with other mind levels without losing track of its own.

Otherwise, it leaves itself open to astral manipulation that can, if left unchecked, result in the creative impotence of a psychic blackout.

Mind territory increases as the perceptions of reality evolve beyond the subjective parameters of experiential consciousness. The mind is a universe. We fail to grasp that we have barely experienced its components, and we have reduced its vastness to the level of a primary instinct for psychological survival.

What we know of the mind and its network is so insignificant, it has turned our knowledge of life into a psychological farce. The notion of the psychic territory of the mind can only be grasped through a knowledge fully dissociated from involutionary thought systems.

We are conditioned to think in a manner that insures emotional security in the mind. This reduces access to advanced thought systems that lie beyond the rational confines of the intellect.

Consciousness of the psychic territory leads to thought systems that give full understanding of human nature and its multidimensional network components.

Without such inner science, the psyche remains a ghetto that satisfies the astral pulses of the soul at the expense of a creative, supramental intelligence. The soul controls much of the mind’s energy through the feeling center.

This enables it to put man through existential suffering to feed the soul world or astral planes which in turn, influence the unconscious mind and distort ego reality.

Without psychic understanding of life, it is impossible to free oneself from crass materialism or naive spirituality to integrate the thought systems that energize them.

We remain karmic prisoners of life in either the physical or astral form. The evolution of consciousness will require an openness of the mind to other planes.

Living within the restrictive quarters of an emotionally conditioned intellectual experience is insufficient to understand the underlying forces active throughout the physical and psychic universes of life.

Fear and real knowledge do not mix. The realization that the mind is a psychic territory, a vast network of communication that requires an inner capacity to dissociate oneself from pre-conceived notions about reality, will facilitate contact with intelligences that affect life at the individual, collective, and universal levels.

The new man will see and understand the complex web of forces at work, and it will become clear to him that life became a mystery when his forbearers lost contact with higher thought systems.

Consciousness is a joint venture wherein the thought adjuster or double increases its participation with the life program through the soul’s basic working material from which the ego validates the physical experience.

The relentless activity of the thought adjuster or spirit force, through the soul, reaches a final chapter in the evolution of consciousness once the latter has been traversed by its light, bringing it into psychic unity or fusion with its creative ray.

However, this next stage of intelligence evolution is fraught with spiritual traps never before encountered in the long and arduous search for self-identity.

Astral knowledge forms the very center of a disparate, planetary, spiritual foundation whose influences can only be dissipated through an integrated consciousness that alone has the power to lay to rest the astral spiritual domination over the self.

Knowledge of the mind and its inner territories will cast light on antiquated spiritual disinformation, and leave the new man emotionally free from the astral contamination of a spirituality that has alienated his creative intelligence and aborted the real understanding of the consciousness of self.

The new age that is dawning on an irreversible interest in the psychic and spiritual sciences, will eventually heed the clear message that all is not well with its spiritual interests.

Many people caught up in this positive illusory emotion will realize that the new age is not as crystal clear as it appears to the spiritual eye, and that the real picture of cosmic reality belongs to a time when the tides of astral influence are no longer sweeping a world of spiritual incomprehension.

There is more to mind reality than naive new agers can appreciate, or sacrifice. The advanced state of new age consciousness will be totally removed from any form of astrally dominated religious, spiritual, or scientific thinking.

The mind of the new age increases its territory as consciousness grows in objective communication with thought systems that do not belong to an involutionary order.

The benefit from higher thought systems, the ego must be informed through a new register of thought vibration that pierces the astral memory of the race.

Race memory weakens the inner capacity to be finely tuned to universal thought systems that regenerate the mental relationship and communication with planes that are the source of thought energy.

The psychic territory of the mind is akin to a vast reservoir of knowledge flowing from advanced, cosmic pre-personalities radiating vibrational energy beyond astral thought systems.

Man thinks with astral rather than mental energy, and for this reason his knowledge of reality, as well as that of self, remains relative to parameters conditioned by race memory.

Astral knowledge is ruled by disincarnated souls evolving by way of their relationship with man, through subjective thought systems that personalize his involutionary consciousness.

The mind is a territory that cannot be experienced fully until we have been made free to separate from the physical envelope at will, in the etheric rather than the astral form.

Following this stage of psychic evolution, it becomes evident that the mind is not simply a perception system. It is also a transport force that has the faculty to assist in the displacement of the subtle psychic envelopes of the human make-up at other levels.

Consciousness is actualized lines of force determined by the relationship between mind energy and the envelopes of subtle bodies that make up the invisible side of human reality. The mind has many functions.

While we recognize its communicative and thought function, we have yet to realize its transport function, when it is freed from the lower thought systems that incapacitate its cosmicity.

The territory of the mind expands as the ego disengages itself from its conditioned memory and frees itself from the emotional forces that bind it to the collective egregore. The mind is an active and powerful force.

It has the innate function of asserting its reality within worlds that are undefinable from a physical perspective.

Once it has been awakened to its interdimensional nature, the psyche is liberated from the electric field created by the physical body and moves along the auric lines of force that contain the psychic dimensions of the self.

When the latter’s psychic centers are sufficiently transmuted, this process takes place quite naturally, leaving the mind free to investigate the outer limits of consciousness as perceived through its own cosmic reality, fully dissociated from the astral spheres that seek to maintain their hold on its psychological components.

The etheric plane is a systemic one where the etheric envelope moves along coordinates of interdimensionality in an ultimate free zone of exchange between planes and their attributed worlds. Mind territory is not a philosophical concept.

It is a psychic reality that unifies consciousness and gives it meaning beyond its intellectual canvas. It is an unknown parameter of mental life, and responsible in its unconscious state for the subjective nature of human thought.

The mind as a universal system of communication cannot bring to light its higher mental aspects until the ego has come to understand that it is impregnated with subtle thought currents making up its conscious and unconscious register.

Once it has become aware of the mind territory, the ego gains access to its transpersonal dimensions. This enables it to dissociate personal reality from its subjective perceptions, increasing its telepathic communication with realms of intelligence that are the source of universal or cosmic thought systems.

The reality of the mind territory can no longer be questioned by the intellect once the higher mind center has been opened and the ego’s mental energy converted to a vibrational level independent of its subjective memory.

The evolution of human intelligence in the next cycle will reveal that we are on the physical plane to eventually unify our consciousness with the psychic forces that radiate from pre-personal planes of intelligence.

Being psychology cannot advance beyond the astral level until consciousness has opened up to free thought systems.

The mind is a vast array of interfacing psychic planes, dis-unified through the breaking of the ray of creation by unconscious notions perpetuated in our planetary civilization.

Intelligence is systemic, more or less in harmony with the overall psychic dimensions that stretch infinitely beyond our intellectual interpretations. The psychic forces at work through the mind are astralized by subjectivity in man.

They cannot connect with systemic thought because of the egoic need to identify with the personality, to the detriment of the real person.

The ego will be compelled to shed its most cherished illusion, free will, before acceding to real freedom in a psychic territory involving eventual telepathic correspondence with interdimensional media.

As such, the ego advances the science of the psyche, creating a psychological vacuum in a continuum born of the inner contact between the thought adjustor and the thought receptor. Higher thoughts test the psychic resistance of the ego.

Until it has learned to dissociate itself from its subjective emotional values, it drifts away from pure thought to be pulled down to the level of thought generated feelings, the status quo of contemporary civilization.

The territory of the mind grows through the application of psychological and psychic laws that uproot consciousness from deeply imbedded impressions. It cannot perpetrate the fallacies of unconscious thought patterns that dissociate consciousness from its source.

The mind territory is equivalent, at first, to a world attainable by inner communication, only until it is discovered that communication is but the first step towards the opening of its frontiers. The mind has little to do with the actual thought process, a limited aspect of itself.

As consciousness grows, the mind becomes an extension in time and space of powerful energies that have the ability to organize themselves to resemble the physical being, differing in freedom from the laws of gravity.

The mind has the ability to perform psychically without the support of a physical means, enabling it to interface with causal laws, and to actualize them through other than a perceivable mechanical process. The mind is pure energy.

It can intercept and dissect energy currents opposed to its will, on the physical as well as the psychic planes, a higher form of its creative action. Psychic energy is the personalization of multidimensional forces that have not yet gained human attention.

It is a form of consciousness that belongs to realms that have little creative effect on human life and destiny. The unconscious ego cannot identify psychic energy other than through astral channels that use it for the domination of human thought patterns.

The ego is not only a subjective seat of consciousness, but also an experimental aspect of conscious awareness in evolution. Higher forces cannot deal harmoniously with the ego until it has learned to work with them, a long process.

When we recognize the fragility of egoic consciousness, we see that we have not been taught to think in a manner that confirms our reality.

Had we not been taught to identify ourselves with our thoughts, we would have discovered that thought reality is directly proportional to the mind territory.

Mind reality transcends the meaning conveyed by thoughts in unconscious interdimensional modes of perception. The ego experiences only a fraction of the overall self or identity.

The other part is hidden somewhere in the mind territory and awaits its discovery through knowledge that cannot be had through rational psychology or philosophy of being. Mental life is far from common. The universe of the mind corresponds to the universe of energy.

We have a tendency to separate the world into sections, material, vital, emotional, and mental. This way of seeing things is useful but not real. A corpse on a table that was alive a few moments before, is not an absolute form of death, but a relative withdrawal of mind energy.

The emotions characterize the experience as death when in actual fact, it simply represents a withdrawn state of energy to a previous level, long forgotten since birth. The mind territory is a psychic fact that underlies mind reality beyond the intellectualism of our thinking habits.

The mind is a world, not a state. The notion of state comes from our inability to communicate within its hermetic dimensions. The intellectual process makes the mind a perceivable experience while retaining an unknown.

It is through the mind that we think, but it is also through the mind that we are able to comprehend the forces at work at all levels of our conscious self.

The self can be defined as a more or less conscious force that permits us to organize our psychic energy in proportion to the ego’s penetration of the mind dimension.

Only through such an awareness can we begin to increase our participation in different levels of being reality and release ourselves from lower states of consciousness that rule over the world through their control and manipulation of our thinking habits.

The mind is a continuum of thought communication that ceases to be experiential once we have learned to communicate with its psychic counterpart. The net result of this conscious development is in the provocation of events rather than the unconscious subjugation to them.

Mind territory is the science of energy applied to the conscious portion of the human mind at the brain level. It extends beyond the physical into the astral and etheric dimensions of consciousness, and has the ability to portray future events as well as their destiny.

It is part of the unknown dimension of human consciousness and it must be revived before open contact with other civilizations is established. Mind territory is equivalent to the science of the universe studied from within the physical body.

It is an extension of the etheric dimension of the psyche at the physical level of life experience. The new cycle of the evolution of intelligence on earth will come about in time to encounter other world civilizations.

The human field of consciousness must expand to include a wider base of communication with life that has participated, in the distant past, in our evolution.

The race problem on earth cannot be solved through politics alone, impregnated as it is with distrust from thought programming inseminated into human consciousness for thousands of years.

The nature of reality cannot be dissociated from the politics of knowledge which has kept our civilization on the brink of despair for so long.

A new cycle of intelligence will imprint itself on the consciousness of the world that the generations of the future will have nothing to do with the generations of the past.

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