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Ch.17 Sub-mental symbolism

Beyond the mind

“The sub-mental nature of symbolism can be traced back to the dawn of civilization… It institutionalized emotions to a point where they have been associated with the fullness of life regardless of their creative or non-creative aspects, enslaving humanity under a karmic law neither understandable nor revokable.” BdM


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Civilization dominates the unconscious mind, immersing it in its collective, sub-mental energy, where it evolves only as changes take place in the collective memory of the individual psyches that sum up the symbolic structure of civilization as a whole. Civilization and its inner order does not develop in a vacuum.

Its life forces, supported by the totality of individual mind energy, are subject to inevitable recuperation once a critical mass of disregard has been attained globally by the individuals that compose it. Involutionary civilization was, in appearance only, able to progress as if it were on its own power, a collective destiny summed up in its total symbolism.

In the new cycle of evolution the symbols of civilization will be dissidently rejected by an increasingly individualized consciousness. The universalization of human rights and its renewed values are able to spread when civilization’s sub-mental symbolism, and its consequences have been exposed.

Collective symbols no longer having authority over the spiritual and temporal destiny of increasingly individualized members of society, will be the clear signal of a new age. The more conscious self will no longer submit to the mind of civilization, and its attendant archetypes.

At this point in time, evolutionary ideas will explode into areas of human quest that had in the past been deprived of the legitimacy of hermetic notions, which would have weakened the power of civilization’s astral symbolism over human consciousness.

Civilization is built on symbolism that unbalances individual consciousness and binds it to a self-negating role, to the detriment of a more mental order of development. It is a force that homogenizes thought and keeps the self in a status of perinumeral importance.

This will change with the systematic elimination from the social landscape of dictatorial, totalitarian, and dogmatic temporal or spiritual forces that use authority as a straightjacket to subdue individual development, and hamper further advancement into the realm of individualized thought.

Sub-mental consciousness predisposes the self to symbolic conformism, forcing it away from its own mental center. Its fictitious link is constantly renewed by the mind pool of a civilization that takes away rather than gives. An involutionary civilization does not allow for real needs.

This would destroy its foundation and force into play a new evolutionary cycle requiring a new set of rules. In the near future, however, individualized consciousness will be reaching a point of inner growth to counterbalance the critical mass of institutionalized, involutionary ideas.

The mental axis of civilization will correspond to that of the individual when its symbolism has been eradicated from his consciousness through supermental thought evolution. This will take place on an individual basis, since mental growth cannot share involutionary collective thought, an egregore that serves to astralize the consciousness of self.

Symbolism actualizes astral energy that dictates the level of emotional response needed to ensure psychological survival of the unconscious member in his collective race.

Mentally violated by belief systems in the interests of civilization, were he conscious, he would decode sub-mental symbolism, extricate himself from its perpetual astral web, and use it creatively towards a full understanding of this cosmic gossip running through his opened mind.

Decoding symbolism is an integral creative function of the individualized mind. It unmasks the elements of meaning of the astral world, freely apprehended through mental channels. This increases the psyche’s equilibrium and fosters the understanding of deep layers of cosmic knowledge hidden behind symbols.

Symbolism is a sub-mental quality of unconscious thought that brings it into being. It allows the mind to deal with its sub-reality and face its organizational psychic structure with impunity. As consciousness evolves into a new mental order, it will draw further away from the imposition of symbols.

The need to know will increase the ability to communicate perfectly with the mental planes that ensure psychic survival. Civilization has little choice but to use symbolism, lacking the ability as a collective mind to integrate the systemic forces of evolution of all of its territories, physical, psychological and psychic, at once.

Unconscious man has identical limitations until he learns the higher laws of the mind. Then symbolism becomes a lesser reference need, and in the final stage of race evolution is fully discarded. This will be a new epoch where the needs of man perfectly coincide with those of a transmuted social order, which today, can only offer a fictitious shelter.

Sub-mental symbolism is the vested power of civilization. It is sub-mental in its focus on the ambiguities of consciousness, regardless of its apparent psychological or psychic role. It cannot be understood in a perfectly objective manner unless studied with the full awareness of its interdimensional backdrop.

Symbolism paralyzes the unconscious intellect, distorting its understanding of the soul forces. The higher mental systems that bypass reflection, and inform the ego of its dimensional meaning as revealed at the source of thought itself, cannot be accessed through symbolism.

As symbolism touches the mind, its astral power overcomes it and locks it within a meaning which may take centuries for a civilization to overcome, or a whole lifetime at the individual level, until the mind has been tuned to a plane that moves freely over the sub-mental level of astral meaning.

Symbolism in its sub-mental form screens the thought process and compels the individual to adhere to a thinking level unripe for passage to another dimension of perception.

Its power encourages permanent unconsciousness, even though, in appearance only, it suggests a more profound appraisal of reality. The illusion is so real, that change can only occur when the self’s psychic foundation has been transmuted.

The stagnation of psychological matter engulfed in civilizations of illusory symbolism explains why there is so much repetition, and so little advance in the history of mankind, and further illustrates the reason behind the recurrence of aberrations of civilized behaviour and the continuity of ignorance.

Regardless of the degree of its intellectual sophistication, civilization has contributed to the unchanging norms in its collective level of intelligence.

A search for identity based on involutionary ideas about the nature of reality, makes sub-mental symbolism the exalted trappings of the nature of being, that precludes freedom from thinking habits associated with the insecurity of the self.

Even the trends or cults in self-development that periodically strike the fancy of spiritually minded people, are associated with the astral plane. The much sought-after freedom is tainted by sub-mental symbolism, even when approached with the utmost sincerity.

The nature of being cannot be fully experienced through expeditive ways offered by gurus or cult leaders, in either physical or astral expression. Involutionary thought is too astral to support a full understanding of the illusions of the self, when unaided by a direct contact with the mental realms of consciousness.

Spirituality is a form of consciousness that feeds on lofty thoughts. But spiritual thought in itself does not provide security against the astral illusions of the spiritual worlds. The thought system must be raised in vibration in order to establish telepathic contact, with realms of life that lie beyond the astral plane.

Flying within the earth’s atmosphere does not make one gravity free. One has to fly beyond the limits of the planet’s atmosphere to understand what freedom from gravity really is. So it is with spiritual sciences. Spiritual development keeps man within the limits of his psycho-symbolic orbit.

As he learns to move further away from this emotional comfort zone, he begins to understand that supramental thought, unattached to sub-mental symbolism, can propel him beyond his astral connection. The fundamental problem with any form of sub-mental symbolism is its inability to turn away from the gods.

As unconscious planetary beings, we suffer from a historical, misty-eyed sickness we call the spiritual quest. Through symbolic experience, we’ve been running in circles around pyramids for so long, we’ve lost touch with intelligence and its science of the mind.

We’ve adopted our thinking system to alternate forms of symbolism, that are part of the sub-mental levels of consciousness.

We’ve refined this intellectual or intuitive faculty to such a degree, that we have become pawns in a cosmic spiritual gambit controlled from the astral plane, in accordance with the evolving sophistication of our intellect.

We look to spirituality to see what we want, not what is. Whatever the gods wish us to see has become a relative article of faith. We have lost touch with cosmic consciousness and its universal intelligence, and with it, real identity.

The intelligence born from the freedom from sub-mental symbolism will never be graciously handed us from the temporal, spiritual or more occult planes, as it is part of the game of life and thought.

The role of any sentient being in the evolution of the spheres, be they physical, astral, or mental, is the application of a science that unifies consciousness at all levels at the same time. This is what evolution calls for.

The manner in which this will unfold will vary according to the pre-eminence given to the science of the mind in the new cycle of race evolution. Man will have to fight for real freedom until he immortalizes his consciousness.

The amount of time is irrelevant from a cosmic perspective, for it will neutralize the forces that have made of him an experiment in a faraway laboratory for the development of a free consciousness, against the greatest of odds.

Consciousness is a multidimensional experience in which many planes are involved at the same time for the same reason: evolution. Consciousness only appears to belong to man. Actually, it is a more or less open field of cosmic communication, interpreted in our subjective dimension as personal thought.

As we move on, this perception will change and thought will become pure communication with identifiable systemic networks which are the source of all thought.

The mind derives its judgement from ingrained points of reference where symbolic values sustain the individual through the life experience, without offering an understanding of its laws and inner processes.

It receives notions tried endlessly in the unconscious human experience instead of at the source of creative intelligence.

Sub-mental symbolism is at the very core of those notions. It pervades them in the most subtle thought movement. Mental life becomes involved in a collective referential system detached from the systemic reality of multidimensional consciousness.

The emotional content of symbolism makes it abject from the point of view of more advanced thought systems.

It is useful as a reference tool to identify the underlying forces at work in the universe of the mind, but it quells creative intelligence and prevents the more occult understanding of these creative forces at work.

Involution is the never-ending human effort to end this condition. Evolution will make this possible, on the condition that the thought system is raised in vibration to finally arrive at its conjunction with systemic multidimensional communication.

The sub-mental nature of symbolism can be traced back to the dawn of civilization. It was transformed with the psychological and psychic level societies had reached, and the sophistication of their mental make-up.

It grew out of necessity and ignorance and became the pharmacy of the mind, consumed without discretion or knowledge of its astral functions, the laws of which were unknown and remain so today.

It became the psychological and psychic crutch of both primitive and sophisticated societies. It coincided with a primary need to extrapolate from two partied a knowledge of life, and it structured the human psyche at the expense of the science of the mind.

It institutionalized emotions to a point where they have been associated with the fullness of life regardless of their creative or non-creative aspects, enslaving humanity under a karmic law neither understandable nor revokable.

Unless symbolism is fully integrated within the self, it remains skeletal knowledge, only a shadow of consciousness. It is astrally useful but mentally insufficient to create a higher understanding that does not validate access to the mysteries of the supernatural.

It violates the territorial integrity of the mind and imposes upon the ego incomplete, ambiguous, spiritual illusions. Sub-mental means from below the mental plane.

It indicates that the meaning of symbolism is subject to a higher order of knowledge than that available through the intellectual faculties of the unconscious mind.

It implies that symbolism is not an end in itself but only the graffiti of consciousness.

This sub-communication must be broken down to have access to a global science, providing the laws of thought and consciousness from beyond the astral plane are understood.

Spiritual symbolism creates an impression of knowledge disconnected from the objective reality of the cosmology of life. It inhibits suprarmental research, and consequently, the study of the mysteries independent from the subjectivity of the unconscious mind.

The quality of thought must be upgraded to unravel the mysteries of life and the actual psychic structure of the self, through paths of investigation that do not intersect involutionary thinking habits.

This will occur on an increasing scale as a new cycle of evolution sets in.

Supramental thoughts will throw a definitive light on the psychological function of the ˮIˮ and ˮYouˮ relationship.

The ego, in its perception of so-called personal thought, is obliged to break the frail and subtle thread of communication that universally exists between man and the mental worlds of the mind.

The ˮIˮ through which the ego identifies itself and the ˮTHOUˮ or ˮYOUˮ it uses to communicate at a personal level must be extended to communicate internally with the mental plane of the self.

The extension of this involutionary psychological mode of identification will make the ˮIˮ non-functional to the real self and upgrade the ˮYOUˮ to a pre-personal level of communication with the thought adjuster.

Supramental communication requires a re-evaluation of the pronominal egocentric function of the ˮIˮ and its replacement by the transpersonal ˮYOUˮ concept, to enable the reintegration of the universal circuits of communication within the field of human consciousness.

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