CP-014 Questions and answers (thoughts) [en]

Questions and answers (thoughts) “The more man realizes that he is not the one who thinks, the more he realizes that even questions and even answers come to him from elsewhere.” BdM #thought #answer #response #spirit #mind #supramental #evolution #unity #know #silence #illusion #knowledge #intelligence   The content of this page was written in English […]

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CP-010 The spirit [en]

The spirit “The spirit is not only a philosophical conception, but the spirit is also a reality coordinated with the activities of man and which generates in his intelligence a self-sufficiency, that is to say a power to understand his own evolution, his purpose and the future that develops before him.” BdM #spirit #intelligence #strength

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CP-009 The invisible race [en]

The invisible race “What I call the invisible race is a collective and cosmic activity undertaken by a certain number of beings on the material plane, in conditions of creative expression of the cosmic consciousness in them, attached as it is, to certain planes, where these individuals have the power to claim the conquest of

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