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Bernard de Montreal on YouTube

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The YouTube channel @bernard-de-montreal presents the work of Bernard de Montréal in videos to listen to his audio lectures or narratives of his books.

This page offers them by grouping them in playlists.


Beyond the mind (BTM)

In his first work in English (in 1998), BdM introduces us to the study or evolutionary psychology, explains to us the science of supramental thought, and constructs for us the psychic bridge from involution to evolution: memory to creative thought, spirituality to consciousness, suffering to peace, death to immortality, soul to spirit, reincarnation to fusion. From hist first conferences and volumes on evolutionary psychology, he has never broken his thread of constance: freedom of the human mind from all forms of domination.

Audio transcripts

Preparatory communication (PC)

Series of 264 recordings made by BdM without public between September 1980 and September 1988.

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