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Universal circuits

“Any man in contact with the invisible, or in contact with a level of intelligence that is supra-human, must first understand and deeply understand that the primary purpose of these intelligences is not to serve man, but to bring him to a sufficiently high vibration level to possibly enter into creative communication with him.” BdM

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This concerns the opening of universal circuits and human consciousness. The opening of universal circuits, in man, is a phenomenon in which laws he does not know the laws. For man, any communication with the invisible becomes a reason to believe that he will finally have an answer to all his questions, and that from the invisible he will be permanently indicated the direction that his life must take and the conditions under which this life must develop.

Ignorant of the laws that separate the world of matter from the world of the spirit, many men in contact with the invisible must, at least by experience if not by instruction, learn to protect themselves personally against themselves, that is, against their ignorance of these laws.

The purpose of this recording is to make you understand, beyond what has already been indicated to you; the fundamental reasons why any man in contact with the invisible, or in contact with a level of intelligence that is supra-human, must first understand and deeply understand that the primary purpose of these intelligences is not to serve man, but to bring him to a sufficiently high vibration level to possibly enter into creative communication with him. Now, any creative communication with these intelligences can only be accomplished by a gradual transmutation of the lower mind of man and of the emotions of man, so that the latter is gradually brought to a level of vibratory perception of their presence in him, sufficiently developed so that man, the mortal, and these intelligences can coordinate their efforts for the ultimate goal of evolution, both material and spiritual.
Being ignorant of the laws, of the universal circuits concerning man of this planet and being spiritually optimistic in the quality of their thoughts and in the nature of their emotions, men who are contacted by these intelligences in their first experience, tend to swallow everything they receive from these intelligences. However, this naive receptivity stems from the lack of experience that man possesses in relation to these intelligences. And during his evolution, he will have to acquire the necessary experience that will eventually lead him to objectively realize that these intelligences are not there, at the beginning, to help him solve his material problems, or any other problem related to his ego, but rather to transform the energy of his mental body and of his emotional body, so that he can, eventually, be totally neutral, totally above the subjective problems of life, because he will have understood all their dimensions.

As long as man has not understood this principle and believes he can rely on the information they want to give him – information that very often corresponds to his personal desires – it is obvious that this man will eventually acknowledge his mistake, and will learn not to rely on the information coming from these planes towards him, for the sole purpose of reinforcing, on the material level, any ambitions of his desire body. This first lesson is probably the most difficult to understand and to live with, when man is in telepathic mental contact with intelligences of which he knows the power and wisdom.

Because of man’s rationalist tendency, because of his attitude, or his habit of always seeing things from his own point of view, and to judge these things in relation to what he would like them to be, man sees himself in a much inferior position, in relation to these intelligences. So that when he has learned his lesson, when he has understood that these intelligences operate under certain immutable laws and that man must, little by little, understand these laws through his experience, only then is man capable of completely freeing himself from the law of lying that hangs over his head and that is manipulated in every possible way and within a framework extremely nuanced by these intelligences, by these spiritual forces.

It goes without saying that if man had been able, for centuries, to have blind confidence in his contacts with the invisible, today he would have acquired a very great and vast knowledge, which would eventually have freed him from the human condition that he must live today. But that was not the case, and it is not the case either, today.

It is no longer a problem of communication that man must face; it is a problem of discernment in communication. And discernment in communication is not something easy to learn, or to acquire, because discernment is a personal state to which man is only entitled when he has undergone every possible and imaginable test in his spirit, in relation to these intelligences, and has acquired the emotional and mental balance that becomes for him what is called “discernment”.

As long as man possesses within him an emotion or a form of energy that can be linked to subjective emotion, he is subject to being deceived. And that is why seers, mediums, all people who have, at one level or another, contact with spiritual forces, can never operate on a perfect basis of extrasensory perception.

The opening of universal circuits on a global scale becomes for humanity a very great source of spiritual strength. But on the other hand, the individuals who make or will experience the opening of these universal circuits, of this communication between the visible and the invisible, will be the ones who will have to bear the weight of this first attempt at open communication with man. And that is why these individuals must be advised in how to live this experience, so as not to subject their psychological existence to too great a unilateral transaction between their spirit and the higher spirits.

As long as man has not learned this basic principle, this principle that allows him to protect himself from any unilateral intention, he is subject to an inner suffering that he could have been avoided if he had understood the aspects deeply hidden behind the veil of the spirit. As long as man interprets the spiritual intentions of these intelligences, either in an occult context or in an esoteric or religious context, there is no problem for him. But as soon as man comes into direct contact with these intelligences and must unilaterally support their information – because he does not yet have the power to subject their information to strict human control – it is impossible for him to participate with these intelligences, in a neutral and frank and totally open way.

The weight is on his shoulders, and it is up to him to overcome the cape of human occult naivety, to come to build in himself, a wall that is sufficiently impermeable enough so that he can never get caught up in their game.

The dichotomy between the material world and the spiritual world, the division, is only a fiction of the human spirit. And when man encounters intelligences that evolve in higher worlds, he has the impression that he must live or that he lives two lives: a spiritual life and a material life. However, this impression is false, and it is precisely from this impression that man tends to believe what these intelligences tells him, and to rely on what these intelligences tell him, so that, little by little, he loses confidence in his own intelligence and seeks only to rely on theirs. And this is where he makes the mistake.

Man must realize that the spiritual world, the invisible planes, and the plane of matter are interdependent, and that these spiritual intelligences have always been in him, that they have always worked in him, but that he was not, then, conscious of it. But when he becomes aware of it, it is no longer a reason for him to lose control of his intelligence and to subject his intelligence to these intelligences, since all intelligence is only part of the same stream of energy. However, when man encounters these intelligences, when he becomes aware of them, he automatically tends to put aside his intelligence, or to reduce what he believes himself to be, to give their intelligences a greater importance or place in his life.

It is not a question of submitting to anyone, to any intelligence whatsoever in the invisible; it is a question of being aware of these intelligences, of being aware of the nature of thought within the self, but of always using one’s own energy, in order not to subject one’s life to conditions that go beyond the framework of a human life. What is at the top must be at the bottom, but what is at the bottom must be at the top. This means that there must be a balance between the top and the bottom, there must be a balance between the intelligences that illuminate man and the intelligence of the man who receives their messages. If there is no balance, it is disorder; it is suffering; it is a loss of energy.

Man must stop seeing the spiritual as superior to the material. He must see the spiritual as a dimension of evolution whose laws are other than those of the material. And to see the material as one of the conditions of evolution whose laws are other than those of the spiritual. And as he is on the material plane, he must do the best for the evolution of this plane, by using, by helping himself with the light that can come to him from the spiritual planes, but not by believing that the spiritual planes will act in his place in matter, since if he is in matter, it is up to him to operate in matter.

Man’s spiritual naivety is a danger to his psychological equilibrium, to his inner peace, to his objective vision of the duality and unity of these two worlds. I have nothing against spiritual plans. But I do not like those spiritual planes, that spiritual intelligences, become crutches for man, because I know all too well to what extent these crutches can become permanent for him. It is better for a man to have never known the spiritual at the level of communication, than to know it poorly.

Notice these words: Man may be very close to spirit, but he may be very far from understanding it. And man must understand the spirit perfectly if he wants to benefit from its proximity to the spirit; otherwise, he can suffer enormously from the spirit, because the spirit is the spirit and man is man. And the two must come together in total harmony, where neither is subject nor subjugated to the other, but where both work in total balance.

The times to come, are changing, will be different. What man will know from the spirit, from the invisible, will be extremely important for his evolution. But on the other hand, before knowing what he will have to know, man will have to develop the knowledge of the laws of the spirit, so that there is a total balance between him and himself.

Those who believe that the spirit is good, that the spirit is this, that the spirit is that, and that the spirit wants to help man, are subject to experiences with the spirit will show him that the spirit evolves within a framework of universal laws, and that these laws cannot be shortened. And it is up to man to understand these laws through his spirit and through the intelligence of his spirit, so that the laws that structure the invisible worlds are harmonized with man’s intelligent consciousness, so that the latter, finally, benefits from the clarity of the spirit in him.

But the clarity of the spirit comes to man with time, with the experience of the spirit. The spirit being in man, man only has to trust himself, since the spirit is already there, which works in him. He does not have to ask the spirit if he should do this or that. He must rely on his own resources. And the more sensitive he becomes to the spirit, the more sensitive he becomes to his energy in a vibratory way, and it is with this energy that man can work on the material level.

If the spirit informs him or her of this or that, all man has to do is wait and see if the information is accurate and precise. But if he takes this information for granted, and acts on it, he will be obliged to suffer, at one level or another, some kind of consequence.

The spirit corresponds with man to make his presence known to him. And when man has learned the laws of the spirit, at that moment, the spirit can begin to inform him about this or that. And man, at that moment, knows that the balance between himself and the spirit is perfect, and that from this balance he can use the information of the spirit to facilitate his understanding of material events. But if he does so before he has been prepared at length by the spirit, he will be obliged, at some point in his transformation, to cease believing in the spirit and to rely on his own strengths while the spirit works in him. It is through experience that man will understand these things, but these explanations can be useful if he has ears to hear.

As long as man is not totally harmonized with the vibrations, the energy of these intelligences, he is subject to the law of cosmic lies, and this law applies to all levels of creation. When the ego, personality and soul are perfectly harmonized, it is then permissible for the spirit to give man information, in order to facilitate the passage of total knowledge, in order to raise the consciousness of planetary civilization, and to create in a future cycle, a new dimension of evolution. This is the purpose of the contact between the mind and man.

As long as you seek a personal benefit, an egoic benefit, the spirit can submit you to the law of cosmic lies, in order to make you understand, once and for all, that reality is before truth. Just as truth flatters the ego of man, reality subjects him to its law. This is why harmony, unity with the spirit, is a work that only the spirit can accomplish in man, despite man’s spiritual desires.

If man was not contaminated in his ego by a multitude of forms, communication between him and the spirit would have been established a very long time ago. And this communication would, today, be free from the law of cosmic lies, but this is not the case. And for this reason, man must be decontaminated, deconditioned from the forms that subjugate him, before being totally free in spirit and having equal relations with him.

All this does not mean that communication between man and spiritual intelligences is not valid, on the contrary! But this indicates that a position of informed intelligence must be instilled and experienced by man, instead of childish naivety. Since the laws are such, it only remains for man to understand and live them as they are. If man rationalizes these laws in his favour, if he argues against the fact that the spirit should communicate this or that thing to him in a perfect way; it is only in his experience that this obstinacy will be reduced by the intelligent realization, practical realization, and totally free of spiritual naivety.

Since the higher planes precede the lower planes in time and in perfection, it is natural that the lower planes should harmonize with the laws of the higher planes if they want to benefit from the forces emanating from the latter. The slightest misunderstanding or ignorance of the laws of the higher worlds can be detrimental to the mortal experience in the world of matter.

It is not a question of man becoming an instrument or tool of these forces, a being manipulated by these forces. It is a question of man standing on both feet, absorbing the energy of these forces, and using it for his own evolutionary good. But as long as he has not understood the law of the spirit, the law of these forces, he is subject to a multitude of experiences that he could have avoided if he had understood that what is above, is below, when the lower plane is totally harmonized with the upper plane.

During this period of transformation, of transition, man must be on his guard, and not take seriously what is being communicated to him. If he is given valuable material, which he can check, which can be useful to him, which is in harmony with his experience, so much the better. On the other hand, if he is given material that makes his experience more difficult, then he must learn from it and not take these communications seriously, until the day such communications become for him an extension of his intelligence in time and space.

But as long as these communications do not lend themselves to the exercise of his intelligence, he is obliged to receive them, to hear them, but not to take them seriously.

Imagine, a tap that has not been used for a long time, if you open it for the first time, the first waters that will pass through this tap will be oxidized, will be rusty. Over time, clear water will flow through the tap and serve as a beverage. But if you drink dirty water, oxidized, rusty water, you may be sick. This is the best example of this phenomenon of communication with invisible planes. The first communications must be seen and observed with intelligence, and not experienced with closed eyes because of too much spiritual naivety.

The opening of universal circuits around the world is the greatest telecommunication experience between man and invisible planes ever operated during human evolution. This phenomenon is so vast that only the great followers know its dimension. That is why it is suggested that you be on the lookout, be vigilant, and do not let yourself be caught up in the game of the spirit that begins to penetrate the consciousness of man in order to raise his vibrations.

The human brain operates like a radio, and the waves that penetrate this radio come from all sides into the cosmos. It is only with experience, maturity, intelligence, that man, finally, will be able to discern between what is good for him and what is harmful. When the great preparation has been completed, man will be able to communicate with the higher plans of evolution with great ease and confidence. Everything in him will be harmonized: his mind, his emotional, his body of life and his material body. So that the communications from the invisible planes, going down to him, will serve him in his future evolution.

But as long as man is progressing, as long as he is in transition to this new cycle, he must be on his guard and not let himself be manipulated. As great as the spirit is, as good as it is, as terrible as it is, when it is not perfectly integrated into human consciousness. The more the man is related to perfection, the more he is subject to suffer from this perfection. There is no sentiment in the spirit, the law of the spirit is a universal law, and it must be applied in a perfect way. All that remains for man to do is to understand the perfection of this law within his personal experience, in order not to suffer from the perfection of the law.

That is why I very often tell you not to believe. To listen, but not to believe. If what you were told was right, so much the better, but if what received a distorted truth, there is a reason. It is that there that the work must be done in you, so that you can in time be perfectly in harmony, perfectly in balance with the inner forces.

Get used, once and for all, to not taking yourself seriously, not taking the communications you receive seriously, to listen to them, to feel them and to see if they are accurate or not. Depending on their details, you will know if the spirit in you is willing to inform you well, or to misinform you. If at times you are well informed, it is to reassure you; if at other times you are poorly informed, it is to lead you to greater confidence through an experience that you must live and which the spirit knows the beneficial result.

You have lived a whole life without contact with the spirit, you can live another part of your life in contact with the spirit. But this second part must not be subjected to the game of the spirit, since it is in your advantage, in this new life, to be freer, happier, and more serene. You must understand three things. First, never believe what you are told inside. Second, always listen to what you are told inside. Thirdly, see if what you have been told internally corresponds to your reality. This way you will be able to benefit from the right information and not suffer from false information.

If the spirit wants you to know something, know that it will let you know it. On the other hand, if the spirit does not want you to know something, it may mislead you – if it knows that too much curiosity, or too much personal interest that delays you, seeks to know what is not for him to know.

Psychological independence from the spirit is essential. Spiritual awareness of the spirit is also essential. While one serves man, the other serves the spirit. Don’t be fooled by the spirit. Listen to him, but do not believe him blindly, otherwise you will always be your own buffoon, and pawns of the spirit. And that is not psychological, spiritual, or cosmic freedom.

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