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A view from the mind tunnel

Beyond the mind

“The mind is an infinite communications network that processes conscious and unconscious thought energy emanating from a variety of radiating center points… The mind is also a process, albeit unconscious for the greater part of humanity, through which different intelligent worlds interact with the human brain.” BdM


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The mind is an infinite communications network that processes conscious and unconscious thought energy emanating from a variety of radiating center points. These points lie between the higher and lower dimensions of “being” intelligence evolving in nonphysical states throughout parallel universes.

The mind fulfills a creative function, which is to ensure the long term evolutionary development of a permanent fusion or bond between interdependent levels of consciousness. The mind is also a process, albeit unconscious for the greater part of humanity, through which different intelligent worlds interact with the human brain.

It creates a network of vibrating energy or thought which is identified by the unconscious ego as a personal and subjective form of intelligence known as the intellect. The dynamics of the thought process must be fully comprehended in order to expose the subjective appearance of self-reality. Without such knowledge, the mind remains a mystery and the nature of its consciousness an enigma.

The mind originates in non-physical dimensions as thought government, and manifests itself through the evolutionary activities of nonphysical hierarchic intelligences whose function is derived from a cosmic necessity to perfect lower forms of intelligence from the physical to the astral and on to the etheric levels, that is, from the physical body to the soul and on to the pure mind or spirit.

The fundamental principle of this process is one of elimination through lengthy evolutionary cycles, of lower forms of thought energy, in order to increase and perfect the development of consciousness. The mind grows through the ascendancy of thoughts that travel from their point of origin in a creative process whose ultimate goal is the universalization of all sentient beings.

Contrary to its depiction in mystical folklore, the mind is not a labyrinth but a time tunnel through which thought travels. It is a magnetic continuum that connects the brain to the point of origin of the thought process in dimensions that broke away from the nuclear physical universe when space began its expansion at the expense of light.

Its tunnel configuration is based on the energy laws of thought communication networks that constitute the fundamental environment of forces at work in the universe. The mind is not simply the activity of thought flow but the medium through which these forces move in mental ethers equivalent to space dimensions wherein non-incarnated intelligences, perfect in their evolutionary and expansive role and power, animate the more dense vehicles of physical being evolving throughout the physical universe.

The impasse experienced in understanding the mind and its fundamental nature is due to the inner contradictions of the soul. The latter, through historically conditioned memories, prevents the free exploration of higher dimensions which alone can shed objective light on all aspects of the mind’s hidden nature.

The question of whether or not the soul exists ceases to be purely academic or speculative once the fact of its objective reality has been studied, established and explained by the unveiling power of the mind in manifestation, unfettered by historically conditioned ideas or concepts.

The soul clouds the thinking process. Its memorial and associative power must be bypassed and its psychic influence on the mind broken for the full development of consciousness to occur. The soul is the guardian of life and death memories, and the supermental consciousness of the mind can be experienced only by overcoming this subjective soul memory which is the blueprint of the personality.

It is not possible to understand the nature of the soul without the comprehension of the nature of death, or the astral plane. Neither is it possible to study and understand death except through opened communication with higher m ind levels wherefrom intelligence flows free from soul memory.

The soul is a psychic bridge that connects the physical brain to the pure mind. As an undissociable energy field it conditions the passage or entry into the mind tunnel of higher forms of thought. Its unconscious memory function represents an infinite amount of registered information or imprints accumulated through long cycles of evolutionary experience.

As it allows the development of egoic consciousness through the associative power it generates in the personalized or intellectual mind, it blocks the free and creative or supermental connection with a source of thought untainted by the astral experiential memory. At death, the soul energy or astral body returns to a parallel plane through the mind tunnel.

As it progresses and reaches the astral plane of the mind’s psychic configuration, it takes on a life status that corresponds to the total memory of its physical experience. We have no memory of the mind tunnel since physical dimensional reality is its limiting factor.

But, psychic travel or return to nonphysical origins through the mind configuration crystalizes the earthbound memory or imperfect thought matter of which the unconscious personality is formed. The mind has long been thought of as a labyrinth because of our inherent incapacity to communicate with the source of its infinitely complex structure.

Unconscious mental activity is so intertwined with the astral manipulation of our psychic matter, that we have little or no idea of its territory. Consequently, the mind appears as an inextricable labyrinth instead of a straightforward path to the origin of self-identity. The mind tunnel connects the brain with all possible dimensions of intelligence.

Free from thought pollution and cultural conditioning, mental energy can travel to probe all aspects of supraliminal reality. The freer the mind, the more creative and revealing thoughts can be. Thought pollution has a deafening effect on creative impulses moving through a brain whose psychic counterpart is programmed with negatively charged emotional energy fed it by the unconscious soul experience.

It insulates consciousness and locks it into a blinding and reflective mode that opposes global mind development. It causes an unequivocal waste of mind energy which explains the slow and difficult evolutionary process towards the integration of creative thought.

Intelligence pulses through the mind from light worlds beyond the physical universe; from its psychic origins emanates thought creation and the architectural force fields responsible for the development and perfection of the mind tunnel. Intelligences evolving in those systems of life do not require physical planetary bodies for their evolution.

While their time dimensions are equivalent to our space worlds, their basic matter bears no resemblance to atomic matter as we know it at this stage of our scientific evolution. Their worlds are cosmic and do not belong to the atomic space field.

They are absolutely free from the more dense force fields associated with gravity in our interplanetary medium. They collaborate in all aspects of mind development and are instrumental in ordering the evolution of matter to suit the requirements of the physical apparatus of the brain, which is capable of receiving creative thought impulses.

Thoughts originate at different levels of psychic reality. As a result, men experience different psychic levels of thought which makes it difficult for them to see eye to eye. When thoughts are exchanged between different cultures, the difficulty becomes more complex due to the variety of mental experiences that differ not only in terms of social experience but also of inner development.

Only through the lengthy process of personal, cultural and social evolution can thought polarization be neutralized. What confers to a thought ascendant inter-dimensionality is not the belief in its impression or perceived truth but the quality of the psychic space through which it travels. As it refines itself through time, it objectifies reality and universalizes knowledge as it evolves from lower forms that have been neutralized through mind evolution and creative development.

Non-creative thought forms pollute much of the mind space throughout the unconscious life experience, imposing upon it artificial psychological limits. When new and revealing thoughts move through the mind, they are strongly opposed by low energy thought forms. Higher development eliminates such pollution, leaving the mind open to the penetration of creative activity.

The mind is not simply a sounding board for subjective thinking; it fosters an inner potential to communicate with mind levels wherefrom thought originates in a perfect, unpolluted state. The mind is a passageway through which form-shattering thought energy travels endlessly from higher to lower dimensions, self-adjusting and constantly confirming new facets of reality.

It prevents the formation of a perpetual alienating and self-serving reference frame, being free from the limitations of the past. Previous “narrow-mindedness” is gradually eliminated as inner development or opening of higher psychic centers, unpolluted by race memory, replace this shortcoming. Growth away from subjective, toward objective mind requires a mental life dictated from within, respecting the memories of the race but remaining forever free from them.

The more concrete and objective the science of the mind, the more individualized is the knowledge arising from it, as a permanent and objective referral is developed through telepathic communication occurring above and beyond reflective thinking.

The faculty to communicate beyond the astral or memory plane of the tunnel develops when answers are no longer tainted by the soul and gradually lead into more arcane territory. With the growth of conscious thought comes inner certainty and psychic experience with pure intelligence circuits. A more mental relationship develops, leading to a concrete connection with pre-personal thought levels, the ultimate nature of supramental activity.

When experiencing pre-personal communication, supramental thoughts come into focus. They create a psychic profile that appears clearly above any subjective or astral colouring identifiable to self-centered opinions.
The telepathic contact with pre-personal intelligence levels can then be identified as the origin of human thought, or consciousness. At this point it is possible to enter into the mind world objectively and begin to understand the hidden nature of the thinking process.

Unconscious subjection to the thought process ceases, which has for so long been a measure of our civilization. The threshold leading to fundamental identity has been reached. Pre-personal communication is the last and most ego-threatening psychic quantum jump required by the mind for the future evolution of human intelligence.

Subjective psychological structures conditioned by sense-stimulated memory cannot easily accept a consciousness that is linked to a multidimensional universe. One has a natural tendency to think of oneself as part of a humanity that evolves alone on a planet. Science is about to study aspects of the universe that will profoundly transform today’s material understanding of the physical world.

Even then, it will barely scratch the surface until we study it from a mind channel beyond the limitations of the intellect. Communication with higher conscious thought pre-personifies the thought process. The realization of its independent psychic origin leaves the subject with the perception that he is no longer alone in the world of the mind.

We have a tendency to think of reality only in terms of its physicality. We fail to realize objectively what the sciences are trying to prove: that energy can be materialized and matter dematerialized and that it is only natural that communication with other planes of thought be pre-personal, as the boundaries of the personality are temporarily lifted when supermental thoughts move in without psychological obstruction.

The mind becomes a network of pulsating pre-personal thought when our illusions as to the fundamental nature of consciousness have been eliminated. One cannot accede to the infinite and at the same time remain within a psychological structure that belongs to the past. Unconscious thought must be reorgnized as part of subjective consciousness, not of the creative mind itself.

Thought is a magnetic form of energy that spins its way down the mind tunnel through a very radiating field of negative space moving through time, coloring itself along the way as it penetrates the memory field of the soul. It travels from dimensions beyond physical space, its original energy burst losing vibratory impact as it moves through the mind tunnel.

Gradually, it colours itself as “truth” rather than remaining objectively perceived as pure and free creative energy. The astral body or soul is a magnetic field that attracts soul specific thoughts which release their energy into the network of the brain cells, their physical terminal, after their instantaneous voyage through the void of the mind tunnel.

While consciousness is being created, its reality escapes us. We experience the proximity of consciousness while the very essence of our mind remains elusive. But, once its living and fundamental nature has been grasped, thoughts move in from their source through the soul center to create impressions in the brain that no longer colour the reality of supermental knowledge as it penetrates the psyche.

Once the soul perfects its nature by freeing itself from the subjective memory that dims its light, thoughts are no longer affected by its previously polluted energy field. Consciousness remains stable and permanent for the remainder of the physical experience and beyond.
The mind is the channel that makes possible the expression of a unified consciousness in the psyche. It is part of a vast network of communication at all levels of universe intelligence. Physical consciousness is but the final outcome of this infinite cosmic process.

Greater access to the mind leads to the understanding of the forces at work throughout the universe at large. The factors that tie the mind to the material dimension of planetary experience through the unconscious ego are but a limited and minute, though important, function of itself.

Physical life serves as a source of experience for the soul that dominates the self. Once it has grown out of this subjective condition, the self becomes the expression of a conscious mind that no longer contributes to egocentric illusions of subjective thought.

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