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CP-253 The origin of thought [en]

The origin of thought “Thought comes from several planes… meaning thought in itself constitutes for Man the different levels of his consciousness. But ultimately, it comes from a universal plane, meaning it comes from a world where mentality, meaning the mind, colludes with the ego without the ego realising it.” BdM   The content of […]

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CP-155 Mastering emotionality [en]

Mastering emotionality “Emotional mastery is the ability of human beings to introduce into their consciousness an element of instant intelligence that neutralises an emotion that would otherwise take control of their consciousness.” BdM   The content of this page was written in English by the BdM Intl Diffusion team. If you read this page in

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CP-020 The new man [en]

The new man “It will be possible for man to become, once and for all, independent of all forms of personal thought in order to be able to receive, direct, instruct, in a mode of creativity free of all subjective, imperfect forms, linked to the blind personality of the human senses.” BdM   The content

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